Evgeny Kuznetsov



Evgeny Kuznetsov

E. Kuznetsov

Evgeniy Kuznetsov was born in Pinsk in 1949. There were two people who cared about the development of art and culture in Pinsk; they were Evgeniy Pulhov and Evgeniy Kuznetsov. Evgeniy Pulhov was concerned about teaching kids art and achieved a lot in this area. Many very good artists respect this name very much. Evgeniy Kuznetsov discovered new adult artists. Some of them were Michael Peysahovich and Naum Sheyer. He tried to find something absolutely new in art. He has a very good memory and has been surrounded by books about art and philosophy all his life; therefore his friends have been known to use him as an encyclopedia. He believed that art should not be commercialized. He strove for perfection in his art work. He ruined many of his paintings, because he thought they were not good enough. It was really hard: he lives his life as if it's a war with his first enemy being himself.