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Sergey Zhilevich

S. Zhilevich
S. Zhilevich

Born on July 18, 1959, Sergey Zhilevich grew up in a little town of Pinsk, in Belorussia, former USSR. His whole life was devoted to art. From his first public exhibition at the age of 17 to International exhibitions a round the World 20 years later, Mr. Zhilevich continued to act as a teacher and show the world in a different way.
Mr. Zhilevich graduated from the Vitebsk College of Fine Arts, a university established by Mark Chagall. He participated in many exhibits in Belarussia, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, and USA(New York, Washington, New Brunswick, Baltimore). His paintings was exposed on Sothebys auction. Today his work is featured in the best museums of Belarussia. as well as many galleries and private collections; over 50 pieces of his work are currently exhibited in the Republican Museum of Belarussia. Mr. Zhilevich is the member of Belorussian Artist Guild, He is one of the most popular artist in Belorussia.
Mr. Zhilevich is very active in the community. He has built a garden of stones in his town, architected a church. You can often meet poets, artists, and musicians at his house, as its doors are always open for people.
Mr. Zhilevich is truly a history being made in front of our own eyes.
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S. Zhilevich S. Zhilevich

1977 one man show, Pinsk, Belarussia

1992 "Artfact", Pinsk, Belarussia

1993 "Artfact", Brest, Belarussia

1995 GRABANOW, Bjala-Podlaska, Poland

1996 Berlin, Germany

1997 Drezden, Germany

1998 "New Art Emperium"Washington, USA

1999-2006 - show "Studio 6001",Baltimore, USA

1999 "Art Rogers", New York, USA

1999 one man show, Pinsk, Belarussia

2000 "Montage Gallery", Baltimore, USA

2000 winner of exhibition-competition, Madrid, Spain

2000 Sculpture, one man show, Pinsk, Belarussia

2000-2006 "Red Stairs", Baltimore, USA

2000 "1100 Madison Avenue", New York, USA

2001 "In Honor of Teacher", Pinsk, Belarussia

2001 one man show in state museum "History of Art", Minsk, Belorussia

2002 "Famous Master", Minsk, Belorussia

2002 in museum "Contemorary Sculpture", Minsk, Belorussia

2003 auction in MAP, Baltimore, USA

2003 Ray and Sveta Gallery, Silver Spring, USA

2004 Game Center, Baltimore

2005 Ray&Sveta GAllery, Silver Spring, USA

2005-2006 one man show in Magdeburg, Germany

209, 2012, 2014 Arts Barn, Geithersburg, USA

S. Zhilevich

We are honored to announce that Sergey Zhilevich has recently been recognized as Person of the Year for the Brestsky region of Belarus.