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November, 2008, ArtFact Exhibition in Museum of World War II, Minsk, Belarus
   ArtFact Exhibition in Minsk, museum WWII, Belarus

September, 2008, Brest, Belarus
Religious Belarus

August, 2008, Pinsk, Belarus
Meeting of republican sculptures in Pinsk

June, 2008, Minsk, Belarus
Exibition in Minsk, Belarus, artists of group ArtFact

June, 2008, Minsk, Belarus
Exibition in Minsk, Belarus by E. Talamay

ArtFact: Plener 2008-2

ArtFact: Plener 2008

Well-known artist Gennady Zolotnitsky passed away in ?oscow on May 28th 2008
Gallery of artist G. Zolotnitsky

ArtFact - 2

May, 2008, Washington, USA
Exhibition of members of ArtFact group on Artomatic, Washington.

May, 2008, Pinsk, Beloruss
Presentation of new sculpture by S. Zhilevich in Mother's Museum.

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