Peter Slutsky

Peter Slutsky graduated from the Igumnoff College of Music of Moscow in the former Soviet Union. He came to US early 1990s and resided in Baltimore, where in time he founded the first Russian theater (Russian Amateur Drama Theatre) where he performed as an actor and producer till 1996, creating numerous plays by the famous Russian dissident writers (A. Galich, V. Vysotskiy, etc.) Here in US he took an extensive vocal operatic training and has become an active recitalist and interpreter of Russian music. On stage Peter has created unforgettable images of Germont ("La Traviata"), Figaro (("Marriage of Figaro"), Belcore ("Elixir of Love"), Tevye ("Fiddler on the roof") and many others. He is known for outstanding acting abilities, distinctive musical identity and unique beauty and color of his voice. Peter has pioneered with the “New Russian Theatre” Company, MD to perform in the original adaptations of M. Glinka’s "Ruslan and Lyudmila", and A. Markov’s "Queen Ester". For some years Peter directed and presented New Year shows at the Russian Embassy in Washington for English-speaking kids. His recitalist activity has taken him to many venues and music festivals all along the East Coast. Peter has always been interested in preserving and popularizing the style of Russian romantic song (romance), where he is looking for combining the originality with a new blend of music, poetry and instruments.