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Beba Shlosberg

Beba Shlosberg

Beba Shlosberg graduated from Vitebsk institution of Technology, Belarus. She worked as wear designer in Kazahstan, as teacher in Odessa and in design field again after moving to USA. She used to work with different technique oil, watercolor, any graphics. Last time Beba Shlosberg turn her skills to photo. She has attended many countries around the world. At this web site you can find just a small portion of her artworks.

In the world of photography and art, there are those whose work transcends the ordinary and becomes a powerful medium of expression. Beba Shlosberg is one such artist, whose remarkable talents have enabled her to explore the world through her lens and unveil its beauty in captivating ways. With a unique perspective and a dedication to her craft, Beba Shlosberg has earned a well-deserved place among the ranks of extraordinary photographers and artists.

Beba Shlosberg's journey as a photographer and artist began at an early age when she discovered her passion for capturing moments and creating visual stories. Her work is a testament to her visionary approach to photography. What sets Beba apart is her ability to see beyond the surface, finding the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Shlosberg's artistry is marked by an acute sense of observation, allowing her to turn the mundane into the extraordinary. She captures the essence of her subjects, whether it's the vibrant colors of a bustling city street or the delicate beauty of a flower in bloom. Her images are characterized by a profound depth and a unique perspective, and each photograph tells a story that invites viewers to see the world through her eyes.