Gennady Zolotnitsky



Gennady Zolotnitsky

Gennady Zolotnitsky (1949-2008) graduated the "Art School of 1905", Moscow, with the BA in Fine Art. He belonged to the Union of Soviet Artists in Moscow and was considered a prominent contemporary of the "Soviet Plakat". Political beliefs meant a lot to him and during the times of "change" in Soviet Russia (1985-1989) he claims that he never worked in "AGIT PLAKAT".
Gennady immigrated first to Israel in 1989, then to America in 1991 with his family: a wife, also an artist and 7 year old daughter. In 1995 he went back to Russia, where he tried to regain his position, but unfortunately it was a different Russia by then. His years of immigration were very productive and his vision was appreciated by many. I would like to mention a few names and places where he was showing and loved, people who supported his artistic vision and intellect:

Jewish Community Center in Baltimore, Zenith Gallery in Washington D.C., Kevin Gepford, Theo Margelony, Terri Chastain (Art Collectors), Dianne Beal (Art Curator, Collector, Art Consultant, Director of the "Blue Square Gallery" in Paris), Norton Dodge (art Collector, The founder of the Russian-Soviet Art Collection at Rutgers University), Noi Volkov (Artist), Izya Shlossberg (Artist), Gennady Krochik (Editor, Russian Magazine "Chaika"), Elena Zolotnitsky (Artist, x-wife) and Tatyana Zolotnitsky (Artist, daughter).